Holistic branding experiences for small businesses that want to make an impact on their audience.
8Marco Island Candle Co. Brand and Packaging Design by Viola Hill Studio


The Broadway Avenue Brand and Web Design by Viola Hill Studio

We’ll collaborate to create a thoughtful brand experience for your business.

Are you ready to work together? Ask yourself:



Do you feel like your brand identity doesn’t align with your vision?



Do you need help reaching your target audience?



Have you been considering a rebrand or website refresh?



Do you have a solid business idea, but need help with the brand?



Have you checked out our work (and like what you see)?


Yes, and yes? 

Let’s get to know each other.


The Process


Working Together

The Discovery Call

We work with clients worldwide. So we like to start with a consultation call to chat through your business goals, your current struggles, your vision, etc. It’s a time for us to get to know one another and make sure we’re set up for success.



The Process



After you are officially in the books, we’ll start the process with a little bit of homework. (It’s easy, we promise.) You’ll be asked to answer questions about your business goals, target audience, etc. 



We’ll provide you with an extensive brand positioning strategy—and we mean extensive. It discusses everything from your brand’s visual direction to its voice. And we recommend holding on to it as a reference.



We’ll design a fully developed brand concept based on the visual direction decided on in the brand strategy. This concept will will be an in-depth look into your entire brand identity; going over each element and the strategy behind the design.



We’ll ask for your honest and timely feedback. (Don’t worry, we can take it.) Then, we’ll continue to refine your brand’s concept, making any necessary revisions and evolutions to create the perfect final solution.



Once you're completely in love with your new direction, we’ll lead up to your launch by equipping you with all the tools. We’ll have a website training call, a brand guideline reference, and curated and captioned Instagram images. Violà, you’re ready to go!



We aim to provide lasting clarity and confidence with your brand experience. You’ll walk away with brand guidelines, voice and messaging help, and social media marketing insight to make sure you’re completely supported in your journey to thrive.