Why your business needs more than just a logo

Why Your Business Needs More Than Just A Logo by Viola Hill Studio

This topic is not a new subject; there are a lot of posts about why a brand is so much more than a logo, but I wanted to get a little more specific on why your business needs more than a logo. 

Whether you're a new business owner that doesn't necessarily understand the difference between having a brand and having a logo, or you've been in business for a while with a just logo, I want to make sure that this post resonates with you! I want to show you how having an entire brand will not only speak to you and feel like you, but it will also resonate with the people you are trying to attract.

Think about it, why do you follow the people that you do on Instagram? Is it because you know them personally? Probably not. Is it because they provide content that you enjoy following? Or you genuinely feel a connection with them based on what they post? Probably yes.

a brand isn't a logo, it's how you connect with your audience and how you make them feel. 


1. A cohesive brand gives you versatility

Okay so you have a logo, now what? Can it hold up in any situation? When it's sized down really small, is it still legible? Does it work in both landscape and portrait situations without losing legibility? When it comes to social media, do you classify your logo as a certain style and base your posts off of that style? If you've answered no to these questions, you're probably realizing that just having a logo is not an ideal situation.

Having a brand gives you so much versatility in your business, including your social media. It sets you up for success in all situations. Below is an example of a brand that was created for Carta Plena. All of the logos in her brand were all created with certain situations in mind. Each brand is different, and calls for different variations. Camila, owner of Carta Plena, focuses on high-end, minimalistic designs and wanted her brand to reflect that. Patterns and marks were created to extend her look into her packaging– such as tissue paper, labels, and notecards– making the overall brand cohesive and practical.

Carta Plena Custom Brand Design by Viola Hill Studio


2. A brand gives your audience a sense of your business message.

As I said before, a brand is not a logo, it's how you want your audience to feel about your business. It's important to start each brand design understanding who your audience is so that you can understand how to attract them. For example, a wedding calligrapher's audience is going to have a different aesthetic than a modern fashion blogger's audience. It's important that your brand entices your ideal client. As much as you need to love your brand, your audience does too. Having a logo gives a reason for someone to stop by, having a brand gives them a reason to stay.

So how do you want your audience to resonate with your business?

Carta Plena's social media portrays a warm palette, with bold colors and interesting typographic layouts. Nothing looks out of place; it all looks consistent. You'll notice that her actual work displays this minimalistic, sophisticated design approach as well. As I'm building out her website, I'm considering this aesthetic to make everything cohesive amongst all platforms. Her brand experience guides her users through her refined style and will resonate with her higher-end audience that appreciates the finer things in life.


Carta Plena Social Media
Carta Plena Wedding Invitation Design - Custom Brand Design Viola Hill Studio
Custom Web Design Carta Plena by Viola Hill Studio


3. A brand aligns your business vision.

Do you ever feel the social media struggle with what you should post and what you should say? Or maybe you're DIYing your website but have no idea how to make it stand out and feel like you. Having a brand means that your business not only looks pretty, but there is also meaning behind it. And once you understand your meaning, your brand marketing should come naturally to you.

In order to have a successful business, you need to be 100% confident in your "why".

Why should your audience choose you over a competitor? Why should people trust their investment with your business? Why did you take the leap to start your business in the first place? Your brand needs to start at the foundation so you can really understand your business's purpose. Your goal is to serve your clients in the best way possible, but how can you do that if you are unsure of how to even serve your own business in the best way possible?

Having a brand helps you understand how to attract the audience you actually want to attract, with the message you want to get across, in a way that visually represents your business. Everything you post is with intention, which makes your overall business consistent and cohesive.




Discovering your brand is no small task. If you're feeling unsure of whether or not your brand speaks to your ideal audience and conveys the message you want it to convey, shoot me an email! Let's get you to a place where you are finally confident in your brand.

Maggie Miklasz