How to align your brand with your Instagram feed

How to align your brand with your Instagram feed  |  marketing strategy tips through social media . | . Viola Hill Studio

So you just launched your new brand; you’re excited to finally have a brand that feels like you and you can’t wait to show it off. You announce the launch to your followers, order new business cards, and change all of your social media profile pictures. Now what?


You’ve heard how important it is to implement your brand into your social media, but how exactly do you do that?

I wish there was a simple answer to this question, but the truth is, there’s not. There’s no easy button; it takes time and effort. But once you learn how to align your brand with your Instagram successfully, you will start to connect with your audience on a deeper level; building trust and genuine relationships.

1. Implement your brand palette

This can be taken directly from your brand style guide or your brand strategy document that you should receive from your designer. This palette is the bread and butter of your brand, and therefore should be used as a guide for how to style your Instagram feed. For me, I want to convey my minimal brand through a neutral palette that has pops of fresh greenery.

How to align your brand with your Instagram feed  |  brand palette  |   Viola Hill Studio

Any time I show off a design, style a quote, or make an announcement, I try to make the background one of these colors.

How to align your brand with your Instagram feed  |   curated Instgram feed   |   Viola Hill Studio

2. Decide your tone of voice

Your brand is more than how you look, it’s also how you want to be heard. Do you want your business to be perceived as personal and conversational? Professional and refined? Decide how you want to connect with your audience. A great way to narrow this down is to write down some adjectives that you associate with your brand. Use these adjectives as inspiration when creating your Instagram captions.

Since I am a one-woman studio, I like being personal with what I say. I try to keep everything simple. It’s important to me that even though I’m personal, I’m still informative. I want to showcase my expertise not just through my designs, but through my reasonings behind them. I will usually give a background story with every design that I post; explaining how and why we got to this solution and what makes it so successful.

How to align your brand with your Instagram feed   |   How to find your brand voice and tone   |   Viola Hill Studio

3. Choose your brand photography style

One of the most important things you can do for your brand is to curate your Instagram through a consistent photography style. Light and airy to match your soft, feminine brand? Or dark and moody to match your refined brand? Remember those adjectives you used to create Instagram captions? Use those to define your photography style as well! This way, everything is cohesive. The easiest way to define your photography style is to find a photographer that goes well with your look and take professional brand photos. I was lucky enough to connect with Meg, a local Milwaukee photographer, for mine. I picked out several outfits; all within my brand palette. We styled a cool AirBnb with some decor that matched my brand and made a day of it! Not only did I end up with some amazing photos, but I also ended up with a bad ass new friend.

If professional brand photography isn’t in the budget, use what you have! An iPhone, a supportive friend/family member, and a cool space! Take a couple shots, download Lightroom and a Lightroom filter that makes sense for your brand and start styling your own photos! As long as these photos look cohesive with your Instagram feed as a whole, the professional quality isn’t a necessity.

Besides having photos of yourself, you might also want to come up with some flat lays or shots of your surroundings. I try to focus on creating variety throughout my feed by showing an even amount of design work, personal life, flat lays, and brand photos.

4. Plan and curate your feed

The most important yet most time consuming part of this whole process; devoting time to planning out your Instagram feed. It sounds stupid and maybe a bit “millennial,” but to be honest, it is a game changer for a professional and beautiful feed. People don’t just stumble upon their perfectly curated feed, they take the time to plan out exactly how they want it to look.

There are a bunch of Instagram post planning apps, however, the one I use is Plann. I’ll come up with about a weeks worth of posts and start arranging it in the planner app so that everything looks aesthetically pleasing. I’ll intermingle the dark colors with the light, choose brand photos, and plan what I want to say with these posts. Planning helps me align my Instagram to make sure it is on brand with every post. Since almost 100% of my business comes from Instagram, it’s important for me to make sure every post has a purpose and is representative of my style.

Social media has worked wonders for my business! I never understood why it was so important to have a cohesively branded feed before I started gaining consistent business through it. It’s not just about showing off your work like a portfolio, it’s a place where people are able to resonate with your style and feel like they are able to get to know you before booking you. I know how well a curated Instagram feed has worked for me, and want it to work wonders for your business, too!

I offer branding experiences that help you elevate your business by providing 12 curated Instagram images as well as caption recommendation for your new brand. These images will serve as a guide for you to follow to keep your feed looking beautiful and cohesive!