How to automate your client on-boarding process with Dubsado (Part I).


Because this is such a big topic with multiple steps, I decided to break this blog post out into two parts. This post will go over what a workflow actually is and how you can start defining your workflows while the next post will go over actually setting them up.


I first purchased Dubsado around this time last year and used it for mainly one reason: invoicing. Fast forward a year and I've learned so many other ways that it can improve my business, from client portals to canned emails, to forms. My old on boarding process included 5-7 emails for introducing myself, contract signing, invoicing, and setting up a client Dropbox folder. My new process turns those 5-7 emails into an automated experience. That means I don’t have to make sure I remember to reply to a client's email after I get home from my full-time job, I don't have to make sure the client signed the contract before I send the invoice, and I don't have to keep track of multiple email threads for every client I have. Aka, I'm a happier, less-stressed Maggie. Because I found it so helpful for my business, I wanted to share my success with other Dubsado-ans!


So where to begin?


Defining your workflows.

The way that I understand a workflow is that it's a timeline of all your emails, forms, invoices, etc. that are sent out automatically when the workflow is triggered. One workflow per service. So in order to automate your workflows, you need to define them, first. For me, my workflows are my services that I list on my site: I have one for the Brand Identity Package, one for the Web Design package, and one for the Full Experience. It's important to define how many you will have because they will all be set up slightly different from each other.


What is the stepped process in each workflow?

After I defined what my workflows were going to be, the next thing I did was write out what each workflow would entail. I found that since my services are similar, the workflows are pretty similar as well. I listed each step from the initial "Client fills out contact form on website" to the final "Email sends out info to client to set up first Creative Call." Right now, these steps are just for you to visualize the process, so don’t feel like you have to use formal lingo. Take your time with this step, this is the bones of your workflow so you want to make sure everything seems smooth and simple!

Use the worksheet below to help organize your thoughts! Once this client on boarding checklist is filled out, setting up your workflows will be a breeze!

Keep an eye out for the next post that will put the steps that you list out into action!